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Prof. Agnieszka A. Kaczor


Invited lectures

Novel antipsychotics identified in structure-based virtual screening, 3rd International Conference on New Trends in Chemistry, Helsinki, Finland, 28-30 April 2017.

Molecular modelling for cannabinoid receptors. Mathematical modelling workshop: Current and Future Perspectives of micro- and macro modelling of infectious diseases: from system biology to control and dynamics, Riga, 13.01-15.01 2016.

Recent advances in functioning of G protein-coupled receptors: insight from molecular modeling. 6th Polish Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Lublin, Poland, 18.09-20.09 2014.

Computer as tool for designing and studying of drugs. 1st Congress of the Polish Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biophysics and Bioinformatics. Bio 2014. Warsaw, 09.09-12.09 2014.

Molecular modeling of GPCR dimers. 104th OMICS Group Conference. Proteomics & Bioinformatics. Philadelphia, USA, 15.07-17.07 2013.

Application of fractal dimension for identification of ligand-protein binding interfaces – a methodological study. 4th Polish Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Lublin, Poland, 08.09-10.09 2011.

Computational approaches to prediction of G protein-coupled receptors oligomerization. BIT's 8th International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST), Beijing, China, 23.10-26.10 2010.

Allosteric modulation of G protein-coupled receptors as novel approach to the treatment of CNS disorders. 2nd Polish Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Lublin, Poland, 08.09-10.09 2009.

Homology modeling of ionotropic GluR5/6 receptors and theoretical studies of novel GluR5/6 non-competitive antagonists. 1st Polish Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Lublin, Poland, 19.09-20.09 2008.

Other selected oral presentations

Repurposing compounds designed to treat mental diseases as potential drugs against neurodegenerative diseases. Fourth WG Meeting. Bornova, Izmir, 05.03-06.03 2020.

Multi-target ligands of aminergic GPCRs as potential antipsychotics.The Inaugural Meeting of the European Research Network in Signal Transduction: GPCR pharmacology: activation, signalling and drug design. Belfast, 28.10-30.10, 2019.

In vitro, in silco and in vivo studies of D2AAK4 as a potential multi target antipsychotic. 3rd Annual Meeting CA15135: MuTaLig & Companies: the multi-targeting drug discovery with implications at industrial level. Valletta, 18-19.10 2018.

Novel multi-target ligands of aminergic GPCRs as potential antipsychotics. 2nd annual meeting – MuTaLig Cost Action – Porto, 22.09-24.09 2017.

Modeling of AMPA GluR2 receptor in the open form (oral poster presenation). 42nd IUPAC Congress: Chemistry Solutions. Glasgow, 02.08-07.08 2009.

Novel deriverates of imidazol[1,2-a]pirimidine with potential pharmacological activity. Grand Est 2005. A scientific meeting on biochemistry and nanomaterials. Mulhouse, 22.03-23.03 2005.

Ethyl ethoxymethylenocyanoacetate (EMCA) and diethyl ethoxymethylenomalonate (DEEM) as Michael reagents used in synthesis of pharmaceutics. European Congress of Young Chemists: YoungChem 2004. Jurata, 13.10-17.10 2004.

Optimalization of synthesis and isolation of ethyl-2-(1-arylimidazoline-2-yl)-amino-1-cyanoacrylates. 55. Zjazd Chemickych Spolocnosti Kosice, 08.09-12.09 2003.

Study on the pseudo-Michael reaction of 1-aryl-2-aminoimidazolines-2. Euregionale 2003. 5. JCF Spring-Symposium. Dresden, 27.02-01.03 2003.


Department of Synthesis and Chemical Technology of Pharmaceutical Substances with Computer Modeling Lab, Faculty of Pharmacy with Division of Medical Analytics, Medical University of Lublin, 4A Chodzki St., PL-20093 Lublin, Poland

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